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IBOA Golf Umbrellas

IBOA Member Focus

  • Lukasz Adasik

    Lukasz Adasik, Bank of Ireland, Cork

    "I know from my native Poland that when workers are united in solidarity, then no one can stop them."

  • Brendan Cummins

    Brendan Cummins, AIB

    A four-time All-Star winner, the Tipperary senior hurling team's recently retired goalkeeper is an AIB employee and a long-standing member of IBOA.

  • Carmel Curran

    Carmel Curran, AIB, (First Trust Bank) Derry

    "Only IBOA's collective power will ensure that terms and conditions achieved in the past will be protected into the future."

  • Irene Breen

    Irene Breen, Bank of Ireland, Dublin South

    "It's very difficult for one person on their own to fight for their entitlements. But the combined power of all our members can protect our rights."

  • Mairead Kelleher

    Mairead Kelleher, Bank of Ireland, Co. Kerry

    "The Union protects our interests as employees in the financial services sector. After the recent crisis in banking, we need the Union's protection more than ever."

  • Liam Ross

    Liam Ross, Bank of Ireland, Banbridge, Co. Down

    "The strength of the Union lies in its members. With more members we have greater ability to fight for our rights."

  • Robin Bell

    Robin Bell, AIB, (First Trust) Belfast

    "The protection of individual members is a benefit of membership that is often undersold but should never be underestimated."

  • Therese Coughlan

    Therese Coughlan, Bank of Ireland, Dublin

    "The only effective answer to organised greed is organised labour. Get organised with IBOA."

  • Kieran McCann

    Kieran McCann, Ulster Bank, Belfast

    "I encourage you to play an active role in your Union to ensure the best possible terms and conditions for you, your colleagues and future employees in financial services."

  • Dominic Boyd

    Dominic Boyd, Bank of Ireland, Belfast

    "In these uncertain times it is vital that members are treated fairly at work. Strength in numbers is more important than ever to survive and thrive!"

  • Elaine Barker

    Elaine Barker, Bank of Ireland, Sligo

    "Being a Union member means having dignity - you have a right to it - and your Union will fight tooth and nail for you to maintain it!"

  • Eileen Gorman

    Eileen Gorman, Danske NI, Belfast

    The prospect of major change can give rise to anxiety for many staff. That’s... a healthy response – because it shows that they are serious about their work.

  • Seán Óg Ó hAilpín

    Seán Óg Ó hAilpín, Ulster Bank, Cork

    IBOA member, Seán Óg won 3 All-Ireland senior hurling medals with Cork and 3 consecutive All-Star awards. In 2009, he was chosen on the Munster team of the past twenty-five years.

  • John Burns

    John Burns, Ulster Bank, Northern Ireland

    "Members should never underestimate the value of unity and a collective approach in overcoming challenges in their working lives."

  • Moya Cotton

    Moya Cotton, Danske NI, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone

    "In this time of global financial crisis with so many jobs under threat, we need to be united to fight our corner and make our voice heard."